Multifamily UPREITs: Nuances, Features, and Benefits

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The complications of real estate property management, the desire for diversification, and the nature and process of estate planning are all common reasons for real estate investors to want to exit their real estate investments. Unfortunately, sales of properties for cash are typically taxable events, which means that the investor becomes liable for taxes on the difference between the sales price and the investor’s adjusted tax basis in the property. Continue reading


Why Invest in Private Real Estate?

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As the third-largest investable asset class, real estate is a vital part of the investment universe. Commercial real estate (which by definition includes multifamily, office, retail, healthcare, industrial, and other property types) represents 17% of the U.S. investment market, according to Nareit, an organization that represents the real estate investment trust (REIT) industry. But, for many investors, real estate remains a relatively small portion of their investment portfolio, and is often misunderstood. Continue reading


U.S. Homeownership Hits Lowest Point in 48 Years

Back in 1967, Lyndon Johnson was our President, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band topped the Billboard charts, a gallon of gas only cost 33 cents, and the homeownership rate was 63.3%.

In the second quarter of 2015, Barack Obama was our President, See You Again topped the Billboard charts, a gallon of gas cost $2.80 and was considered cheap, and the U.S. homeownership rate fell below 63.5% for the first time in 48 years! Continue reading